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FAQ: // Why was I rejected? (part 2)

I rejected you because you:
- didn't have any icons uplaoded at all.
- have no credit.
- credited "some xanga blog."
- have icons by "unknown makers" or people didn't want/need credit.
- once you've been rejected once, I won't accept you at all.
- having the keywords say "tell me if it's yours!" does not count.

- you were banned for a reason.

I don't see why I even set up the userinfo, it seems to just sit there. Has anybody ever read it? There's some useful information there.

If you asked a question 10 people have already asked, and I ignored them, why would you ask again expecting a reply? The rules are clear. I should not have to explain to you why you were rejected. It's not even that big of a deal.
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Voice posts break layouts ...

LJ recently made voice posts "better" by letting you listen to them without having to download the file. Unfortunately, this has caused many layouts to break whenever a voice post is made by you or one of your friends. There was a post made here on how to resolve the issue and here as well. But, both are a little confusing. So, I thought I'd try and help a little but more.

note: I can't promise that this will work in every browser or with every layout.

Collapse )

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If for any reason this doesn't work, comment here and tell me which of my layouts you're using. If you're not using one of my layouts, I'm not sure I can help you.
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Members Only

I'll approve you if I see that there is credit in all your icon keywords or icons comments (that includes icons made by you, your friends, and web sites [and having "unknown" in all your icons doesn't count.]). If I do reject you, either move on, or go back to your user icons and add the credit. Please don't send me nasty messages. I really see no point in screaming at me because you messed up. Feel free to ask questions here.

Don't comments here asking to be added, join and if I accept you, you should get an email back asking if you want this community's updates on your friends page.

Don't make requests here. Requests go here and are for members alone.

The only public entries here will be this one and tutorials.

edit: Like it says here, stop bitching to me because you were rejected. I'm ignoring all of that now.

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[FAQ] Why was I rejected and/or banned?

Main reasons why users are rejected or banned:

  • You keep joining but fail to follow the rules.
    Sorry but if you can't adhere to the simple rules of crediting we cannot allow you to join due to past issues with people redistributing graphics.

  • You have what seems to be a "fake" journal.
    This is becoming more rampant on lj and usually is due to the individual trying to hide from something. Unfortunately it causes suspicions and therefore may be cause for rejection.

  • Your username has been reported in theft communities for theft.
    This will usually get you rejected and banned as we do not want our icon makers having their icons possibly stolen and/or redistributed.

    If you have any questions concerning why you were rejected or banned and still can't figure out why please leave a comment here and I will get back to you.


    Copied from dmodegirl's post in iconsaurus.

    edit: Stop bitching when you're rejected. It's clear in the userinfo, I'll approve you if I see that there is credit in all your icon keywords or icons comments. If you don't do that, you're not getting accepted. Don't comment here or at my personal journal or email me and throw a fit. It's getting old.